Helena Hill

User Experience and Service Design Specialist

User experience and service design consultant, coach and mentor / Speaker / Entrepreneur / Business consultant / Collector of Lego architecture sets

I’m a user experience and service design consultant working on a cross-sector basis helping organisations become more user-centric, both on and off-line. My work helps clients build their brand and significantly increase growth by creating exceptional experiences for their customers.

Good design requires careful thought, planning and research. My role is to facilitate this process in order for businesses to make the best design decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data, user testing, competitor research and prototyping.

I speak regularly on user experience design and related topics including service design, information architecture and interaction design.

The majority of my consultancy work is with pre-startups to global companies and everything in-between! I’m a cross-sector consultant but particularly enjoy working with digital, creative, aviation and construction companies. Whatever their industry, I want my clients to succeed and be leaders in their field with the implementation of positive experiences for users and customers.