Justin Souter

Lean Innovation specialist

Lean Startup trainer, coach and mentor; Innovator; Entrepreneur; Business consultant and supporter of startups; mountain biker, beekeeper, countryside dweller

I worked for nearly ten years as a business consultant in enterprise IT. Now, I work with Clients to harness the Lean Startup framework to create growth, innovation, and greater agility. I’ve always loved ideas – having ideas myself, and now empowering others make the most of theirs. Together we figure out ways to make great things happen.

As a psychology graduate and practitioner of personal development, I am keen to do the right things for the right reasons – and work with others to make the most of what they bring to the World.

I create greater Client productivity and market success by teaching masterclasses; structuring and delivering consultancy to build corporate cultures supportive of innovation, the process to support it, and the tools which can make it happen.