Phil Jackman

Change management and organisational leadership specialist

Guerrilla Worker, strategic thinker, occasional maverick and reluctant over-achiever with an interest in culture change, creative opportunities and regional development.

I am a future thinking organizational mentor, facilitator and conciliator. With over thirty five years in management and twenty years in a senior leadership position in tech services I am open to lending my expertise to interesting opportunities and challenges.

You cannot be a prophet in your own backyard and having some external challenge is vital in bringing different perspectives and challenges to the way that any organization is perceived. My focus is on ideas busting, strategy creation and organisational unblocking.

Making the most of my engagement, management and leadership skills I get beneath the skin of an organization in a way that no insider can. I can identify cultural issues that the business has become blind to and develop a set of tools that can be used reconnect the whole.

Everyone says that their most important asset is their people, so set them free.