Why we work the
way we do

We feel that any organisation can benefit through the application of design, let us help you to understand our approach so we can help you.

Who Do We Work This Way?


We believe that everything starts with a question, this then leads to dialogue which in turn leads to the solution. We use a combination of design disciplines to not only help our clients address their needs but also gain clarification on what those needs actually are. In this way we help our clients solve problems and become more innovative in their approach.

Our flexible approach means that we can actually “join” an organisation for a limited time period or facilitate design sprints and interventions as and when required. We are also happy to share our methods in the form of workshops and training sessions but we prefer to help solve problems as that is what we are good at.


We feel that that our work ethic and ideas should stay with our clients and not walk out the door when we finish a project. As a result we have a commitment to knowledge transfer as a part of what we do. This can take the form of training workshops, design sprints or whatever works best. We feel that the fundamentals of creativity and design should be open and available to everyone regardless of sector or discipline and our aim is to remove the barriers that prevent this from happening.


We asked Phil to deliver a design thinking workshop for our innovation project NE Culture is Digital. He provided a range of useful techniques and bespoke templates for the session. These resources and his strong facilitation provided a great way for our participants to gain a clarity around the challenges they faced as organisations and enabled them to work with partners from the CDIT sector to co-design potential solutions. Great work!


The workshops are brilliantly and enthusiastically delivered by Silbo who have designed a programme that is perfectly pitched for early stage companies. The Fellows also receive one-to-one support from Silbo through the duration of the Accelerator Programme. Phil and Justin are very valued partners of ours in that they share our passion and values for supporting start-up companies. They are always willing to (and often do) go the extra mile to ensure that each company receives a high level of support that is bespoke to their individual needs. The feedback from the participants is always very good or excellent. Nine out of ten participants would either definitely or be very likely to attend the Programme again. 99% would recommend it to others.


Phil and his team at Silbo are incredible. We have worked with them twice as part of a start-up and a growth course and we are so grateful that we did. We met them really early in our business journey and honestly without their push to a more precise and intuitive way of thinking I'm not sure we would be where we are today. They expanded our horizons and without any hesitation, I would 100% recommend these guys. I really look forward to seeing them help many amazing businesses adapt over the coming months and years!


Clients & Associates