What we do


Design is often described as the act of moving from a current situation to a preferred one. We use this statement as a guiding principle to help organizations and individuals innovate, expand or just get better at what they already do. Our way of working means that we can approach any situation as a creative challenge while our commitment to Empathetic Design means we are 100% cross-disciplinary and technology neutral.


In today’s world we feel that technology itself is often mistakenly regarded as a solution in itself, while advances in digital continue to push boundaries we often feel that the majority of the design problems that we face are in essence human. So we decided to become simply designers for people.

How we do it


We love to be creative and we love solving problems and finding solutions, we also feel that when a design problem becomes tied a specific discipline, technology can begin to run the show, something we call the “tech agenda”.

Our aim to address this problem by placing the human element centre stage at all times and allowing that to guide the design process. To do this we use a staged process that starts with empathy and ends with testing.

Used for: Product Design, Service Design, UX, Social Innovation, Parallel Innovation, Incremental Innovation, Organizational Design


Many organizations fail or deliver the right answer in response to the wrong question. The lean Start-up framework is about learning what people really want and continuously testing the vision against the reality. When the core principles of the Lean approach become part of an organizational culture, companies and organizations can really start to flourish.

Used for: New Product Development, Company Culture, Corporate Innovation, Startup Innovation, Breakthrough Innovation, Growth Hacking


Anyone familiar to software production will be aware of agile as an approach and method. We feel that the fundamental ideas behind agile production can be applied to any situation and scenario. Principles such as rapid prototyping, knowledge transfer and iterative development are proven principles that when combined with a clear direction can deliver outstanding results.

Used For: Dynamic Project Management, Change Management, Digital Transformation


Organizations of any size or type often need to either test new ideas or create new products and services. Focused “Design Sprints” help organisations to not only ask the big questions, but also how to solve them and test the results in real time.

This is achieved this using a tried and tested process created by Google Ventures and used all over the world, by everyone from small NGOs to large multinationals.

Used for: Rapid Development, Ideation, New Process and Product Prototyping, Change Management

Our Process

100% Design-led

100% Lean

100% Agile

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