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Teesside University Launchpad Fuel

Teesside University Launchpad Fuel

We were asked to deliver a series of workshops to a cohort of new startup companies. This involved exploring things like; Lean startup, Business Modelling, Value Proposition modelling, and the use of design sprints.


“‘Silbo has delivered several intensive, one-week  programme[s] of workshops on Lean Innovation and Design thinking for the Teesside Launchpad’s FUEL programme with a high level of professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of the subject area.

This enabled the FUEL teams to learn the core principles of the Lean Start Up methodology and Canvas models and apply them to their own businesses providing them with the best possible start to their start up journey.”


Since 2018 more than 40 companies have attended the FUEL program and benefited from the support and approach, many of these companies have then grown significantly in size and now employ upwards of 20 staff.

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