Design Thinking Enhanced Learning

University of Sunderland / Enhanced Learning

University of Sunderland / Enhanced Learning

We are working with the University of Sunderland in the delivery of a series of tutorials and lectures that use innovative methods in order to approach learning from a completely different angle.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method has been used to great effect when exploring themes such as, risk analysis, product planning, project scoping and pre-mortem brainstorming. In each case the question, build, share and reflect model is used to create and embed knowledge.

Case Study: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® was used to explore the concept of Total Quality Management [TQM]. Participants characterised the key areas of TQM and then placed the elements into a landscape and linked them. Emergence playing was then used to explore how a organisation would respond to it’s commercial environment in real time.

Testimonial: “I love it when we use the lego pieces in the session, the ideas just stick to my brain and I remember everything in so much detail!”

Brief: To create a learning environment that encourages the use of play to explore complex subjects.